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Children's Sunday School

Our Sunday School Ministry is designed to prepare our children to defend their faith.  We are using curriculum from Answers in Genesis which teaches creation through Christ and the early church.  Each lesson is evangelistic yet is designed to equip our young people to truly understand how all of God's Word points to Christ and His gift of eternal life.


Each week we begin with all of the classes meeting together for songs, review of memory verses, and point taking.  The children are awarded points for attendance, scripture memory, finishing take home assignments, bringing their Bibles, inviting friends, and class games.  The children with the set amount of points are then rewarded with a picnic and game day.


Teaching God's Word to our children is a delight.  They love the lessons, participate willingly, and show a sincere desire to apply the truths they are learning to their everyday lives.

5 Years and younger Sunday School

Teacher: Andrea Debutiaco

Meets in the Kindergarten Classroom.

1st - 3rd Grade Sunday School

Teacher: Joy Inafuku

Meets in the first grade classroom

4th - 6th Grade Sunday School

Teacher: Cheri White

Meets upstairs in the Fifth Grade Classroom.


Our Junior Sunday School class consists of 4th-6th graders.  They faithfully complete their assignments, memorize their verses, and participate in class discussions.  

As our oldest children in our Sunday School program, we depend on them to lead the younger children.  They are asked to lead in prayer and help out when needed.  We have a great group of young people at Ma'ili Bible Church and we look forward to seeing them used of God now and in the future.

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